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Photo by James Kiarie, Nairobi, Kenya

Photo by James Kiarie, Nairobi, Kenya

I am an artist at heart yet for years I struggled to call myself artist. I was told I could not earn a living as an artist so I got a ‘proper job’ (as a teacher, a lecturer, a facilitator, an executive coach) and did my art on the side.  Looking back I see that the creative self cannot ever be completely crushed – she finds a way to put her mark on things until at last she is seen.  Now I am embracing her in all that I do – the Artist, the Facilitator, the Coach all come together in my work.  I am a published writer. I perform as often as I can. And I bring art and creativity into my work as a coach and facilitator.

The Storyteller:  Ever since I was a child the words ‘Once upon a time…’ got my ears pricked up, my heart beating and I would listen.  Stories serve a multitude of purposes – the entertain, they teach, they pose questions at just the right moment…  Stories help us to make sense of our lives, bring the logical together with the emotional, awakening the soul.  I work with stories in various ways – I Perform, I use them in my Teaching, Facilitation and Coaching to explore issues and I help people listen to and tell their own stories

The Poet, Writer and Singer:  I have recently published Flame and Song: a memoir (Modjaji Books, 2016), It is a story narrated in both prose and poetry. Over the years l have published a number of poems, and some children’s books too (see the Publications page). I am working on a collection of poems at the moment. In my facilitation and leadership work I encourage people to write and to sing. I have facilitated processes with people in the corporate world, and in government departments and used singing to explore concepts like multi-functional teams or leadership.  I have invited participants to write poetry – and loved their delight when they saw what they had created.

The Facilitator and Coach:  I create spaces in which people can, individually or collectively, explore issues, find solutions, understand themselves and their situations, make decisions about where they want to go, and what they need to do to get there.  I work with private individuals, and I also do work within organisations.

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